About Us

NL Asphalt and Contracting was established in 1959 by Norb Lannert. Originally specializing in basement excavation, he began helping neighboring homes with their driveways. The reliability and quality of his work spread to the point that he left his job and started his own company. Today, the company is run with the same work ethic and excellence by his son Jeff Lannert.

Growing up in an asphalt family, Jeff learned to operate the Asphalt roller at age 12. He is a true expert in his field with over 40 years of real world experience. Unlike most Asphalt companies, Jeff is on every job site overseeing the job details and operating the machinery. At the start of any project, he pays very close attention to setting up the job properly. This ensures proper strength of the base rock, proper water drain off and proper grades. This meticulous preparation based on a half a century of experience, is what helps us to create the product and service we are proud to offer our clients.(View what our clients have to say)

Currently we serve the St. Louis, Franklin and Jefferson counties. We strive to offer the best product, quickly and reliably. Most asphalt, chip ‘n seal and seal coat jobs take only one day. We also offer a full 24 month warranty to give the customers piece of mind that the job is well done. (some restrictions may apply)

As Jeff’s late father and founder of the company, Norb Lannert, said over and over, “Do every job like you’re working at your own home, do the best you can do.” That’s what NL Asphalt does everyday.

Client Stories

A few words from our clients...

  NL Contracting and Jeff Lannert perform at an outstanding level. Jeff is experienced, performs quality work and is fair with his pricing. Jeff and his workers pay attention and take pride in a job well done. If you are seeking an outstanding result to your project, then hire NL Contracting and Jeff Lannert to complete the task. I give them an unconditional recommendation and have hired NL Contracting as a subdivision trustee and homeowner. It has been my privilege to know Jeff for many years.  

Gene Corbett

NL Paving recently completed the final leg of paving for our Road Association. We have 11 homes on the road and had over a mile of paving that needed to be completed…We could not do it all at once, so we did a little at a time over several years to allow everyone to save up money to make it happen…during that time we used a couple different companies to asphalt portions of the road. We broke it up into three sections to be completed over 6 years. The first portion was done by NL Paving, which was the most critical piece. The steep hill was completed first…next section, the road association took the cheapest bid and we had another company paved that section. That area, where we used the competitor, has multiple cracks in it and we will need to spend extra money this year hot sealing the cracks to ensure the longevity of the road. The final piece was completed by NL Contracting.

The main reason I am sending this letter of recommendation is that between the 2 companies that completed the work on our Road, NL Contracting’s quality was second to none and offered the best warranty. They prepare the road better than anyone I have ever seen, thus creating a surface that was crowned perfectly prior to laying the asphalt. The result was a true professional road.

Jeff also paved my driveway and added an additional an area for a half-court basketball court a few years after the driveway was installed and it matched up perfectly.

Mark Caruthers